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Magia evolving snood

Magia evolving snood

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The Magia evolving Snood is much more than a simple accessory. It's a true hymn to warmth and style. Different names for the same treasure: snood, neck warmer, neck warmer scarf. We chose to name it like this, in homage to its uniqueness and its evolution over time.

It proudly bears the original artistic imprint of Apushi , an exquisite fusion of geometric figures and tender little hearts, intertwined with the ancestral designs of the frescoes of the Chiribiquete National Park in Colombia. Immutable witnesses to more than twenty thousand years of history, these motifs resonate like an echo to the very origin of our brand, an inexhaustible source of beauty and joy.

Cleverly designed , this neck strap adjusts gracefully to the growth of our little treasures, from 6 months to 5 years , thanks to a double row of buttons, a smooth evolution. Because the neck grows less quickly than the other parts of our little hearts, thus offering an opportunity for clothing that can last longer.

It is easy to put on around the neck. The circular cut marks the upper side at the back, while our opposite logo, on the sharply curved end, provides a precise marker for an optimal fit.

The fabric is made of 93% organic cotton and 7% elastane, it exudes respect. GOTS certified, it embodies commitment to strict environmental and social criteria, a promise that each stage of its transformation and creation honored with pride.

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