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Magia evolutionary sweater

Magia evolutionary sweater

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The Magia Evolutionary Sweater is much more than just a piece of clothing. It embodies the soul of our collection of the same name, a real revolution in the wardrobe of our precious babies . It grows with them, adapts to their growth , thus offering a use that far exceeds that of traditional clothing. It is an embrace of gentleness, tenderness incarnate.

The original pattern on its back and sleeves, gracefully merging the delicate beige on the front and the flashes of mustard yellow that reveal themselves as the sweater adapts to the growth of our little darlings, is a true work of art . He skillfully mixes geometric figures and small hearts with designs borrowed from the thousand-year-old frescoes of the Chiribiquete National Park in Colombia, silent witnesses to more than twenty thousand years of history. It reminds us of the deep origins of our brand , an indelible link with the past.

Two variations, two emotion choices. One, imprinted with mustard yellow on the collar, cuffs and bottom, vibrating with energy. The other, sober and classic, in beige , for hearts that cherish simplicity.

It follows the growth of our treasures thanks to the Apushi -tech magic that animates it. Its broad shoulders like bat wings let the little ones spread out with ease. Cleverly placed zips , offering parents the freedom to adjust the size as needed, revealing the mustard yellow in a soft caress of contrast. Snap buttons , colored indicators on the beige front, expand the soft case as desired. Rib cuffs bend gracefully, adjusting to the length of growing arms.

It's a symphony of 100% cotton, an embrace of textures. On the outside, smooth softness, on the inside, the soft knit, a promise of warmth and comfort.

The Magia evolving sweater, available in three sizes, becomes an accomplice in the development of our little treasures. Size 2, for explorers aged 6 to 12 months. Size 3, for intrepid children aged 12 to 24 months. And our new size 4, for little adventurers aged 2 to 4 years . We have chosen not to offer it in size 1 (1-6 months), because its style does not go well with the freedom of movement necessary at this age. It is a commitment that we take to heart, that of letting our little ones flourish in complete freedom.

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