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Evolutionary denim pants

Evolutionary denim pants

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The evolving jean pants adapt to the growth of our babies , thus extending their lifespan.

These evolving jeans have a classic design with details that make them surprising and deserve their place in the Magia collection. There is a hidden pattern strategically inside the pants which becomes visible as the baby grows. The pattern combines geometric figures and rock art designs found at the Chiribiquete Natural Park in Colombia.

This garment adjusts to the growth of our little ones thanks to different elements:

  1. Snap buttons that allow you to adjust the length of the legs to have 3 different dimensions depending on the size of our little ones. It can also be worn as cropped pants to be used even longer.
  2. A double row of snaps at hip height to adapt to babies' sizes.
  3. A very soft elastic at the waist that stretches with the natural power of our little darlings' bodies

Innovation in design , which allows the garment to easily adapt to the baby's size during the crucial period of growth.

The fabric of these pants is made of 100% cotton and promotes freedom of movement , a key element for the neurological development of our little ones, thanks to its ingenious design and manufacturing.

One of our commitments is free motor skills , we have decided not to manufacture these scalable jeans in size 1 (1-6 months) because during this period the design and fabric of jeans in general is not recommended. YOU will find This Scalable jeans in size 2 (6-12 months) and size 3 (12-24 months) only.

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