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Perezoso evolutionary pajamas

Perezoso evolutionary pajamas

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The Lazy evolutionary pajamas are part of our babies' wardrobe revolution . These pajamas grow with our little hearts by adapting to their growth so they can use it twice as long. It is an evolutionary garment which, thanks to its manufacture and design, promotes freedom of movement which is the key for the neurological development of our little ones. 

These evolutionary pajamas, very soft and cute, combine the color brick red and the color beige to accommodate a sloth bear, animal that lives in the Colombian jungle, embroidered on the front. The sloth is accompanied by the phrase “ hasta mañana ” in Spanish and “see you tomorrow” in French to highlight the multiculturality of Apushi .  

It adjusts to the growth of our babies thanks to:
1. The natural elasticity of the fabric which is given by the knitting technique used to make it. The fabric of these pajamas is made of 93% organic cotton and 7% elastane. It is a GOTS-certified fabric , which means that all the processing and manufacturing stages of this fabric have complied with strictly regulated environmental and social criteria .
2. The innovation of the design that has a special seam at the crotch and the sides, a soft elastic so that the legs can stretch out and a smart seam at the feet, which allows it to push gently with the baby.

Apushi 's pajamas, and all other upgradable clothing , come in three sizes. Size 1 which goes from 1 to 6 months, size 2 which is used from 6 to 12 months and size 3 to wear it from 12 to 24 months. The industry standard offers 6 or 7 sizes for the same period. We believe that the standard must change and for that, we invite you to be part of the baby wardrobe revolution with Apushi .
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