Savez-vous comment prendre soin du nombril de votre bébé ?

Do you know how to take care of your baby's navel?

by: Dra. France Rocha Vasquez

The navel is what remains of this cord through which babies received their nutrition while in their mother's womb.

Some fathers cut it themselves at birth and some families keep it as a souvenir when it falls off. For many families, the fall of the umbilical cord is a highly anticipated event because it means that everything is going well with the baby.

But, for everything to go well, you must follow these recommendations:

  1. Keep the cord dry and uncovered.
  2. Do not apply anything to the cord.
  3. Do not apply herbs, mud or other substances.
  4. Don't bandage it, don't touch it.
  5. Dry clean as recommended by WHO.

Only soap and water during the bath and when finished, dry well and gently, if there is humidity bacteria can happen.

If you notice that your baby's belly button is not well, very red or inflamed, consult your pediatrician.

Source: World Health Organization (WHO).

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